5 worst food for healthy hair growth

In recent times, people have become more conscious about their overall health. They seek ways and tips to include healthier habits in their daily lives. Certainly, maintaining a healthy diet for proper hair growth goes beyond using hair care products only. An individual's diet and eating habits also play a significant role in achieving healthy hair growth.

For you to achieve beautiful hair and to maintain healthy hair growth, you must look into your diet plan and reduce or eliminate certain elements because some food strip your hair of its lusciousness, bounce, and overall health.

Find out below some of the foods you should avoid if you want healthy hair growth.

  • Sugar

The hair is made of protein and requires protein to grow. Sugar hinders the absorption of protein and ultimately stunts the growth of hair. Therefore, to achieve healthy hair growth, better texture, and to retain moisture and length of hair, it is better to avoid foods that are high in sugar. Food like white rice, white yam, white bread should be cut back on when planning your meal to help the hair absorb the required protein for growth. 

  • Alcohol

Alcohol contains absolutely no nutritional benefit for the hair and it has been proven to include properties that inhibit the levels of zinc, which is necessary for the healthy growth of hair. In the same vein, alcohol causes the hair to be dehydrated, stripping the hair of its moisture and making the hair more prone to breakage.

  • Soda and Carbonated Drinks

Most soda drinks are formulated using artificial sweeteners. Specifically, aspartame and aspartame when consumed excessively has been confirmed to cause thinning of hair and hair loss. Artificial sweeteners are unhealthy for the hair and can stunt the growth process of the hair. Natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup can be used as replacements for unhealthy artificial sweeteners. It is better to stay hydrated with healthy fluids that will promote hair growth instead of sodas that will rip the hair if its richness.

  • Starch

Foods that are high in starch like pizza, pasta, bread, cakes, or other foods that contain high glycemic levels have similar effects with sugar, causing severe follicle shrinkage as a result of spiked insulin level which will ultimately lead to loss of hair. Starchy foods contribute to the thinning and breakage of hair. So, to achieve and maintain healthy hair growth, starchy foods should be avoided.

  • Mercury Containing Seafood

According to research some fish (tuna) contain very high mercury levels and are unsafe for healthy hair growth. These high mercury levels contained have negative impacts and can lead to hair loss.

It is important to note that with the proper use of haircare products, maintaining healthy lifestyle habits, and staying away from the foods highlighted, healthy hair growth is achievable. It should however be stated as well that abrupt elimination of the foods might be quite tasking, so it is advised to begin with the reduction of the foods in your diet to help you adjust easily.