5 simple healthy hair regimen to follow

A hair regimen is a routine set by you to keep your hair healthy. It provides consistency, reception, and structure to the daily process of caring for your hair. In other words, a hair regimen is a meal plan for your hair to keep it nourished and healthy. It is a process planned to ensure it contains everything your hair needs – a plan you follow through, rinse, and repeat.

Whether you repeat your hair regimen weekly, biweekly, triweekly, or on monthly bases, changing your hair regimen from time to time is key to hair that looks healthy. Healthy hair doesn’t just happen; it begins with a plan. Below are five changes you can make to your hair regimen, with significant results.

  1. Stop touching your hair every day

This is a simple tip. Do you wash and style your hair using heated tools every day? You are stressing your hair! Put your hair under less stress by going a day without heat styling tools. Heat and frequent washes will make your hair dull, leaving it brittle and weak over time – leading to hair breakage. If you can prevent breakage, your hair will grow to longer lengths.

  1. Change the way you wear your hair

Do you always wear your hair in a ponytail or down? It’s time to try something new. Repeatedly wearing your hair, the same way, every day, constantly stresses it. For instance, if you wear your hair in a tight topknot, you may damage areas where the band is woven around the hair. Constant pulling of your ponytail can damage the hairs that frame your face, causing frizzy hairs. Wear your hair loose now and again to avoid hair breakage.

  1. Use natural oil-based formulas

If you haven’t incorporated natural oil-based formulas like argan oil and avocado oil, you miss out. Worried, they will make your hair greasy? They won’t! But they will make your hair shiny and soft to touch. You can incorporate these oils in a multitude of ways — as a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment, leave-in conditioner, or a detangler.

  1. Use a hair mask

Does your hair routine sound like “washing, conditioning, then the addition of a leave-in product?” if you have damaged your hair, all hope is not lost. Restore it by nourishing it with a hair mask. Like conditioners, hair masks nourish the hair and restore softness. Certain hair masks contain high-quality oils and humectants that will enhance the shine and bounce of your hair, making for a healthy-looking hair.

  1. When and how you brush your hair

When you choose to brush your hair and how you do it can cause frizz and breakage in your hair. Your hair is at risk of damage when it’s wet. If you choose to brush your hair after a shower (advisable, if you have curly hair), use a wide-toothed comb only — this won’t stretch or snap hair strands. Additionally, do not brush your hair when it’s dry altogether; this can cause frizz. Want to comb your hair but having doubts if it’s the right moment? Run your fingers to detangle your hair, and style it.

Changing your hair regimen from time to time is a good way to care for your hair. It’s always good to imbibe good habits from the early days to take you through your hair journey. A lot of times, a good hair regime will help you develop strong, bouncing, healthy hair — surpass others when it comes to health and length, by changing your hair regimen.