proTHIK Waterproof Hair Loss Concealer - Undetectable & Natural

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Hair loss affects so many things in life. It could be your self-confidence, the job promotion you want or meeting that man or woman across the hall. While people accept that hair loss is a bad experience, they shouldn’t minimize how psychologically devastating it is for men and women, both young and old. proTHIK uses today's most advanced resin technology to deliver full hair instantly. 


proTHIKTM is a new and effective product category that cosmetically eliminates bald spots or thinning hair. 


  • Helps build confidence for you to take on the world.
  • Instantly fills in thinning areas for men and women.
  • Conceals hair loss.
  • Gives the appearance of fuller and thicker hair.
  • Unique pigments that matches natural hair color and exposed scalp.
  • Recommended to cover wider areas of thinning and bald spots.
  • Augments your surgical procedure to ensure that your "new look" is all that you hoped for, and more.
  • Acts as a great root touch-up if you can't make it to the salon in time.


proTHIK hair thickener provides a real solution to help men and women look and feel their best. It’s safe, undetectable, long-lasting and water-proof. Your toughest workout, swim and sweat is not a problem! Easily shampoos out with proTHIK REMOVER. 

Each order comes with a free sample size of proTHIK REMOVER

Order today to get FULL HAIR INSTANTLY. Ships within 8 hours. 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t love it, you don’t pay. No hard feelings!