How can i support my husband experiencing hair loss?

It could be challenging to cope with a husband who is experiencing hair loss. This can be even harder when men experience hair loss earlier than norm. Like, in their 20s or 30s instead of when they are in their 50s, 60s and up. Having a lush scalp with wild-growing hair has been seen as the symbol of youth, programmed into society before we were born. To the point that nobody wants to grow old and lose their best features.

Yet some people draw the assumption that bald men are confident, powerful, and successful people. An example is the Rock or Jason Statham. However, it isn't true for the majority of men that experience hair loss. Hair loss can cause a lot of men to lose their IT factor and can cause their self-esteem to take a major blow.

The effects of hair loss can be psychologically devastating. Therefore, wives need to be supportive of their husband’s hair loss and vice versa. According to a male pattern hair loss research conducted in Norway, Men with hair loss are indeed bothered about the condition of their hair. The research was conducted by Carla DeMuro-Mercon, Cynthia Girman, Thomas Rhodes, and Lars Vatten in 1998. In another article written by medical expert Dr. Lindsey Marcellin, he states that hair loss does have an emotional impact on men.

How to Support Your Husband Through His Hair Loss

Here are 5 tips that will help you navigate your husband’s hair loss phase with him and make the whole experience bearable.

1.     Understand his feelings

It's likely your husband will see the whole world as against him when he realizes he is losing hair. So, don't be surprised at how he might react and be more sensitive to his feelings. If you listen and make him understand that you know how he feels, it could go a long way in relieving him of negative thinking which will eventually make him feel better. If he feels you understand his feelings and are compassionate, he will in turn be compassionate to himself.  

2.     No jokes, please

Joking about hair loss might be glorious for some couples and help ease hubby's tension significantly. But others might not appreciate jokes about their hair loss. It is important to always put yourself in his shoes; would you want a partner that makes jokes about their insecurities? When you see friends or family members trying to make jokes about his hair loss, stand up for him respectfully. “He is my husband and not yours. He becomes more beautiful as the days go by” If your man can stick up for himself, let him. Hair loss is not a joke!

3.     Accept what you can’t change, change what you can

We already know that emotional breakdowns can follow the effect of hair loss, especially because we know it is beyond our control.  Remind your husband that there are opportunities for dealing with hair loss. For example, he can choose to go the expensive route by getting a hair transplant from a well-renowned doctor or he can go a more affordable route by concealing his hair loss with waterproof hair loss concealers like proTHIK. Don’t let your husband wallow in self-pity, help him see the possibilities out there.  

4.     Help him reduce stress.

Hair loss can increase stress and more stress results in more hair loss for your husband. You need to help him stay calm and avoid stress. It could be making dinner so he can prepare and relax for his important meeting the next day. It could be by giving him scalp massages which increases blood flow to the hair follicle and therefore prolonging hair growth. It could be by lighting scented candles with the lights off while you both watch your favorite show. Anything you think will elevate stress from his life, do it and do it with joy.

5.     Help with his research.

Nothing says I love you louder than a partner helping you find a solution for a problem you are suffering with. It will show that you care about his wellbeing and who doesn’t love that? Like a team member, help him with his research so he can make the right decision. At the end of the day, it is almost symbiotic. When your husband looks good, you look good and vice versa.

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